The Rise of Turkish Towels in the U.S.: Comfort Meets Versatility

The Rise of Turkish Towels in the U.S.: Comfort Meets Versatility

In homes across the United States, the Turkish towel, known traditionally as peshtemal, has become a symbol of versatility and style. No longer confined to the shores of the Bosphorus, these lightweight, quick-drying towels are finding new purpose in American households and hearts.

Why are Turkish towels, or peshtemals, gaining such traction in the U.S.? It's their unparalleled adaptability. From a chic accessory for a beach day to an elegant sarong for a casual outing, from a relaxing blanket for a sunny picnic to a stylish car seat cover, and even a soft, comforting baby blanket, Turkish towels are the epitome of a multipurpose item.

At Towel Age, our recent market exploration into Amazon's "Turkish Towel" listings has revealed a robust and promising industry, with an array of brands contributing to a competitive marketplace. However, it's essential to note that the figures presented are a snapshot based on data at the time of retrieval. As the market shifts with consumer preferences and seasonal trends, so too can the performance of brands. What’s consistent is the opportunity for growth and the significant presence of these textiles in the American market.

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Amazon US Turkish Towel analysis

Let's unfold some key statistics that showcase the current state of the Turkish towel market for the top 50 brands in the Amazon U.S.:

- The average monthly sales per brand are around 1,170 units.
- The average price point sits at approximately $22.73.
- This results in an average monthly revenue of about $20,859 per brand.

Now, for the top performers and those with more room to grow:

Top 3 Brands by Monthly Sales:

  1. Smyrna Turkish Cotton: 6,041 units sold per month
  2. BAY LAUREL: 5,062 units sold per month
  3. EPHESUS TOWELS: 3,988 units sold per month

Bottom 3 Brands by Monthly Sales:

  1. Fe&Ze: 9 units sold per month
  2. AVO: 17 units sold per month
  3. PALM PESH: 25 units sold per month

For those contemplating entry into this vibrant market, these numbers aren't just encouraging; they're an invitation. The top three brands by monthly sales are moving thousands of units, showcasing the high ceiling of what's achievable. Conversely, the brands with lower sales volumes highlight the market's competitiveness and the potential for new entrants to make their mark.

Before diving in, it's crucial for U.S.-based businesses to understand the import duty rate of 9.20% under HS code 630291, alongside the stringent labeling requirements enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. These measures ensure that all textiles, including Turkish towels, comply with U.S. standards for quality, safety, and consumer transparency. (Source: International Trade Centre - Market Access Map)

United States imports of 630291 peshtemal Turkish Towel

This bubble graph shows that, share of Turkiye in United States of Amerika's imports is 11.89% and it is annual growth rate is 19%. And Turkiye has a share of 7.65% in worlds exports in 63.02.91 Toilet linen product including Turkish Towel, peshtemals. On the other hand, annual growth of India's exports to the US declining -5%, China's exports are declining -1%, and Pakistan's exports are increasing 2% in the same product category. Source: ITC - Trade Map

As we at Towel Age continue to offer premium Turkish towels and share our expertise, we also aim to empower you with knowledge and guidance. Our Denizli-based heritage in textile craftsmanship offers a wealth of information for those looking to understand the intricacies of peshtemal production.

We invite you to explore our blog, Know How for more information or to reach out directly for collaboration opportunities. Our expertise in navigating the Turkish towel market is at your disposal. For detailed regulatory information and market trends, we recommend consulting directly with the U.S. International Trade Commission or the Federal Trade Commission.

Experience the comfort and versatility of Turkish towels with us. Let Towel Age be your guide to capturing a slice of this growing segment in the American market.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for illustrative and educative purposes only. Please consult TowelAge for specific details.

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Screen captures: Huseyin Gonullu from Towel Age

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