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How to start a Turkish Towel Business?

Now that you are on this site, you may be considering starting a Turkish Towel (aka Peshtemal or Loincloth) sales business. Or maybe you are already selling Turkish Towels and looking for a supplier... Welcome, you are on the right spot!

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Do you have a brand?

Do you have an existing brand? If you have a brand, we can also sew your brand label on the edges of the Turkish Towels we will produce for you. So instead of selling an anonymous peshtemal, you can sell with your own brand.

We can apply different alternatives to position your brand on the Turkish Towel. For example, woven brand labels, or printed brand name on a cotton ribbon, or embroidering your brand on the towel. Please check our Branding Services.

Choosing product design patterns

You can sell your own branded Turkish Towels by ordering us to sew your brand label on our ready-made patterns. This is usually an effective method that you can choose for a quick start.

You can sell one or several design patterns that are already known and recognized by your target audience with your own brand, because lots of other brands are currently selling these design patterns already for years. Since these patterns are the classic patterns of Turkish Towels or the patterns produced by our company, you can sell them without encountering copyright issues as in free stock images.

If you want to buy products with existing patterns in this way, we recommend that you review the products on our site.

Do you want to differentiate from other brands?

In this case, you can contact us so that we can produce your own custom patterned Turkish Towel. Please note that the pattern designs to be produced must be your own custom designs or you must make sure that they are not subject to copyright. It is your responsibility that the pattern design you produced does not violate any copyright.

What information is required when ordering a special edition?

Let's say you decide to order the production of an existing pattern or your own custom pattern, what information should you provide to your manufacturer?

In this case, you need to provide the following information to your manufacturer for the production order: 

  1. The name and/or photo of the pattern you want
  2. Product size (100 x 180 cm or 39" x 70" is default. PS: It is useful to know that due to the natural feature of cotton, there will be up to 10% shrinkage in the first wash. The product you ordered to be woven as 100 x 180 cm may be 95x175 cm on average after pre-washing, this is normal.) 
  3. Weight of the product
  4. Warp thread color of the product (ivory - natural is the default. Also it can be white if possible. In bulk orders higher than 10K, you can order in any color.)
  5. The weft thread color or colors of the product (please check our Color Palette)
  6. How many pieces do you want to be produced? (MOQ is 200 pcs for our patterns. MOQ is 500 for your custom design patterns).
  7. Whether to request a prewash
  8. Whether you want labels sewn and position of the label. (PS: If you want your brand labels to be produced, you can request purchase a label service on our website. If the standard label forms in the branding services are not suitable for you, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can quote you a special offer for the production of labels in different sizes or features.)
  9. Whether you want to embroider on the product
  10. Whether you want individual polyester bags or not (In line with your request, we can pack each product in individual polyester bags, or, if you wish, we can use a single large bag in the carton and insert the products in bulk.)
  11. Whether you want barcode stickers to the products (If you want barcode stickers on the products, you need to send us the barcode image. We can also barcode label for Amazon FBA.)
  12. Whether you have a special preference for cardboard boxes (parcels).(We use 40x60x40 cm or 26x50x60 cm cardboard boxes as standard. If you would like us to ship other than these dimensions or if you prefer boxes with your own brand and logo on them, please contact us in this regard. We can quote you a special offer.)

This will be the main information your manufacturer expects from you. Apart from these, you may need to decide on more detailed features and provide different information depending on the situation. For example, the manufacturer normally calculates the thickness of the threads to be used according to the weight of the product you want. But if there is a special yarn thickness or yarn quality you want, you may need to specify that as well.

If there is any other information you would like us to add to the points we have mentioned in this blog, or if you have any questions you would like to ask, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please write your thoughts about our blog post and your suggestions on the topics you want us to cover in this blog as a comment below.

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