Should I have the factory do a prewash?

Should I have the factory do a prewash?

The washing of the products coming out of the weaving loom, in the factory or in the washing workshop, is called "pre-washing". Two types of pre-washing can be done: 1) During in roll form. 2) In piece form after its fringes are tied.

The pre-washing process has three important effects: 1) The size (starch) applied before weaving is washed. 2) Thanks to the washing of the sizing material (starch), the product gives the softness offered by cotton. 3) There will be no significant shrinkage in the product when the end consumer washes the product since approximately 10% shrinkage is to be experienced due to the structure of the cotton taking place in this pre-washing process.

In other words, when the product that has not been pre-washed is presented to the final consumer: 1) The product becomes hard because it has been starched. It becomes difficult for the customer to like and receive. So it may be harder to sell. 2) When the customer washes the product, there is shrinkage in the product. This may cause dissatisfaction with the customer.

Pre-washing slightly increases the cost of the product. However, when evaluated in terms of the benefits provided, it is recommended to bear this cost.

Preparation procedure of hydrolysed and grafted corn starch, sizing and weaving process.

Image credit: Research Gate

Our readers who are new to weaving techniques may have wondered why sizing is applied before weaving. Cotton thread is obtained by entangling cotton fibers together to form a thread. Cotton thread is not very durable when it is a single thread. A traditional method of sizing is applied in order to ensure that the fibers hold together more tightly and to prevent thread breakage during weaving. This process is applied by drying the threads by passing them through hot starch water. This is also known as starching. For this reason, after the weaving is completed, the product is washed and freed from starch in order to ensure the cotton softness of the product.

At TowelAge, we advise our customers to supply their products pre-washed.

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