Should I order a sample peshtemal set or sample production?

Should I order a sample peshtemal set or sample production?

It is always beneficial for both parties to purchase a few sample products or have sample production for your own custom pattern before placing a large order from your suppliers.

If you are doing international trade, it is always more advantageous to order in large quantities, of course. However, if you are just starting out with a supplier, it would be wise to order small quantities to get to know the supplier and inspect the quality of the Turkish Towels they produce.

If you want to have a custom pattern other than the patterns produced as standard, we recommend that you request sample production. Because the texture and touch of peshtemals, Turkish Towels are affected by many factors. Whether the thread is thick or thin, the weaving setting is tight or loose can affect whether it is in line with your expectation.

The pattern you want to be produced can be produced with a single layer of weaving, while some patterns may need to be woven in two or three layers. In this case, the product may appear to be wrinkled sometimes even after ironing.

Or you might expect the product to look like a dark navy blue, dark red, dark black. But if the warp is made of natural (ivory) or white yarn when weaving the Turkish towel, the color you use in the weft will look a little light colored according to the technique of weaving.

If you examine our "Refund Policy" text, you can see that we are emphasizing this issue. 

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