Towel Age Celebrates Continued Success of Aphrodisias Sultan Peshtemal in the U.S. Market

Towel Age Celebrates Continued Success of Aphrodisias Sultan Peshtemal in the U.S. Market

Towel Age is delighted to announce that the Aphrodisias Sultan Peshtemal Turkish Towels continues to grace the shelves of a renowned beach gear retailer in South Carolina, USA, signifying the arrival of the new season. This classic model, which is a perennial favorite among American beachgoers, is now available both in-store and online, ready to accompany beach lovers for another sunny season.

Named after the ancient Greek city of Aphrodisias located in the historic Caria region of western Anatolia, Turkey, our Sultan Peshtemal embodies the beauty and enduring legacy of its namesake. The city, known for its sculptural masterpieces and architectural treasures, inspires the design and craftsmanship of each towel, reflecting a blend of historical significance and modern utility.

The Aphrodisias Sultan Peshtemal, made from 100% cotton, is celebrated for its exceptional qualities:

  • High Absorbency and Quick Drying: Perfect for swift drying after a swim.
  • Lightweight and Compact: Ideal for travelers, as it occupies minimal space in luggage.
  • Versatile Use: Beyond a beach towel, it serves as a shawl, pareo, picnic blanket, or elegant throw.
  • Eco-Friendly Production: Made using sustainable practices and OEKO-TEX certified dyes to ensure it is free from harmful substances.

For more information:
Aphrodisias Sultan 270 gram variation
Aphrodisias Sultan 300 gram variation


We are thrilled with the growing popularity of the Aphrodisias Sultan and are excited about its impact on the beaches of America. Our commitment to producing high-quality, eco-friendly products aligns perfectly with the needs and values of our customers.

As we continue to celebrate and promote Turkey's rich cultural heritage through our products, we invite other brands and retailers to explore the potential of including the Aphrodisias Sultan in their inventory. We encourage you to contact us for any inquiries or further information as we are eager to establish long-lasting partnerships that promise mutual growth and success.

Embrace the upcoming beach season with the Aphrodisias Sultan Peshtemal, a proven favorite that promises to offer not just a towel, but a piece of Turkish heritage that is both practical and stylish.

Image Credit: Huseyin Gonullu from Towel Age
Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for illustrative purposes only. Please consult TowelAge for specific details.

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