How we work? - About Us

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Our website provides service for our customers who will make wholesale purchases. We have three types of wholesale:

1. Wholesale of products in-stock
We publish the patterns, features of that patterns, and colors of the current products in our stock. By purchasing the products you want, you can ensure that they are shipped quickly from stock. If you want branding services (including label sewing, band wrapping, boxing, branded individual bag, etc.) do not forget to choose your branding requests that suit your needs.

2a. Production-based wholesale at customer's request
If you would like to purchase more of the patterns in our inventory than the stock quantity, please contact us. We will offer you a special price quote. When you give your production approval, you can send the payment to our bank account as SWIFT wire transfer. When you make your payment, your production order will be queued and shipped on the given deadline.

2b. Wholesale based on the production of your CUSTOM DESIGN
We can also manufacture the pattern with your custom design. Please contact us for your custom design production orders.

Color Options:
You can place an order by choosing the color you want from our color chart with a rich variety of colors. For colors that are not in our color chart, you can request production with specially dyed yarn by giving the Pantone code(s). We would like to remind you that for special yarn dyeing, the minimum order quantity must be high (10K) and the dyeing process will take extra time. On the other hand, if you prefer the colors available in our color chart, the production process will be shorter as you will not have to wait for the yarn to be dyed. 

Please visit our Towel Age Color Palette page to see our color chart.

Please visit also Terms & Service, Privacy Policy pages.

Please visit our Create Account page to create your customer record. After you create your registration, we will contact you by e-mail or phone and request your International Sales Contract approval so that you can see the wholesale prices.