FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1. What types of products does Towel Age offer?

Answer: Towel Age offers a wide range of home textiles, including Peshtamals (Turkish Towels), peshtemal bathrobes / ponchos / beachwears, terry bathrobes, throw blankets, muslin baby blankets, terry-back peshtemals, terry towels, beach bags, bedspreads, picnic mats, and more. We also specialize in custom-designed products according to the buyer's specifications.


FAQ 2. What is the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

Answer: At Towel Age, we are dedicated to accommodating our clients' diverse needs, whether it involves custom designs or selections from our existing inventory of royalty-free patterns. Here's an overview of our MOQ policies to guide you:

A. Custom Design Orders: For clients interested in creating a custom design, our MOQ is set at 500 pieces. To provide flexibility, this quantity can be divided into two color variations, allowing an order of 250 pieces per color.

B. Royalty-Free Pattern Reproduction: If you wish to reorder from our existing, in-stock royalty-free patterns, the MOQ per pattern and color is 200 pieces. For instance, if you're interested in two different colors of the same pattern, each color would require a minimum order of 200 pieces. The same applies if you choose two different patterns, with an MOQ of 200 pieces for each.

C. Stock Availability: When a product you desire is already available in our stock, we strive to meet the exact quantity you request. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of the precise number of items desired. For example, if you request 100 pieces and we have 87 in stock, we will inform you of the available quantity. With your approval, we can proceed to ship the available amount.

D. Brand Labels: Brand labels are produced by third-party label factories with an MOQ of 1,000 pieces. When we manufacture labels on behalf of our clients, we sew them onto the ordered products and keep the remaining labels for future orders, free of charge, for up to one year. Beyond one year, clients wishing to store labels longer may incur storage fees.

E. Printed Branding Materials: Items like printed labels, bands, branded boxes, and cartons are produced by third-party print houses, typically with an MOQ of 1,000 pieces. We can manage this process for you, using the necessary quantity for your order and storing any leftovers for up to one year at no additional cost. This allows for the reuse of existing materials in future orders. For storage beyond one year, additional storage fees may apply.

FAQ 3. Can I request a color change in your ready-made patterns?

Absolutely, you have the flexibility to request color changes in our ready-made patterns. Our designs are versatile, allowing for weaving with different colored yarns to suit your preferences. However, there are two main considerations to keep in mind:

Firstly, not all patterns may be suitable for color changes due to their specific design intricacies. Secondly, while you can choose any color from our color palette for your selected patterns, requests for colors outside our standard palette might pose a challenge. For colors within our palette and compatible patterns, we can easily accommodate your desired color changes.

Should you wish for a color that is not in our current palette, we are able to dye yarns specifically for your order, provided the minimum order quantity exceeds 10,000 pieces. This option allows for truly bespoke production tailored to your exact specifications.

We encourage open communication about your color preferences to ensure we can meet your needs to the fullest. Our aim is to provide you with a product that aligns perfectly with your vision, within the constraints of design feasibility and yarn availability.

FAQ 4. Do you sew my brand label on Turkish towels

Answer: Absolutely, we are pleased to offer the service of sewing your brand label onto the Turkish towels you order. This service is complimentary for attaching a standard single label per item. It's essential to understand, though, that while sewing the label is offered at no extra charge, the cost of manufacturing the label itself is not covered in our product pricing. The cost of a label can vary based on factors such as size, color count, and production technique (e.g., jacquard weave, printed on cotton fabric, printed on polyester ribbon, etc.).

We will obtain a quote for the desired label features from the third party label factory and share this information with you for approval. We strive to meet your branding needs effectively, keeping in mind the balance between aesthetic appeal and production efficiency.

However, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee for any label sewing requests that significantly increase labor time or reduce the productivity of our workers due to the complexity of the sewing required. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final product, accommodating your branding preferences within the practicalities of our manufacturing process.

FAQ 5. What are the conditions for label sewing and embroidery?

Answer: The buyer may request their brand label to be sewn on the products at no extra charge, provided that the label is produced within Turkey. (We cannot accept labels coming from outside Turkiye as they are subject to import legislation.) Embroidery on products is subject to an additional fee, and a separate quote will be given based on the embroidery size and number of stitches.

FAQ 6. Can you wrap a paper printed branding band around products?

Answer: Yes, we can certainly wrap a paper printed branding band around your products, including options such as wrap-around labels. When you provide us with the specifications and design for the printed materials you wish to have produced, we proceed to obtain a price quote from a third-party printing house tailored to your project's needs and present it to you for approval.

Please note that there is no additional charge for the service of wrapping the paper branding band around the peshtemals. However, the production cost of the branding band itself must be covered by you, the client. For more detailed information on the minimum order quantity (MOQ) related to your specific request, please refer to the earlier response concerning MOQ, "FAQ 2", as the same principles apply.

FAQ 7. Can I request custom-designed products?

Answer: Yes, you can request custom-designed products. Towel Age is capable of manufacturing custom designs based on the buyer's request, coordinating additional branding products like labels, bags, parcels, boxes, and stickers through third-party companies.


FAQ 8. Do you offer sample manufacturing?

Answer: Yes, at Towel Age, we understand the importance of ensuring product quality and design satisfaction before committing to a full order. Therefore, we offer two types of sample provisioning for customers interested in custom-designed peshtemals:

A. Pre-Production Samples: If a customer has paid for a minimum order of, say, 500 units or more but wishes to approve the first few products personally, we can send between 1 to 5 of the initial products as samples via international couriers such as UPS or DHL. In this scenario, we only request the customer to cover the shipping costs.
B. Prototype Samples Before Order: For customers desiring to evaluate the design and quality before placing the production order, we offer the option to specially manufacture 3 or 6 prototype samples. We keep at least one sample for our records, and the rest, up to 5, can be sent to the customer through an international courier service. For this type of sample production, we charge a fee covering the CAD design preparation ($25), a production fee of $15 per peshtemal, and the shipping costs. This service is available on our website for easy sample production ordering. Should the customer proceed with a production order after reviewing the sample, we deduct the $25 design fee from the order total. However, if the final order falls below the standard 500 units due to an exception, the design fee cannot be offset. The $15 per product fee and the shipping costs are also non-refundable.


FAQ 9. What materials are used in your products?

Answer: Unless specified otherwise by the buyer, our products are produced using 100% cotton yarn. We offer different warp yarn color options, including the natural un-dyed raw yarn color (ivory) and white, subject to availability and potential price differences.


FAQ 10. Is there any natural shrinkage of cotton products?

Answer: Yes, due to the nature of cotton, some shrinkage occurs after pre-washing, which can be up to 10%. This shrinkage does not indicate that the product is defective.


FAQ 11. What are your pricing and payment conditions?

Answer: Our pricing model is designed to be transparent and straightforward. The prices for our products, as listed on our website, are quoted as EXW (Ex Works), meaning they are factory delivery prices.

For clarity regarding our MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) system:

  • Products sold in 200-unit LOTS imply that adding 1 unit to the cart equates to purchasing 200 units.
  • For products sold in 500-unit LOTS, adding 1 unit to the shopping cart means you are ordering 500 units.

Customers interested in placing orders in quantities that do not exactly match these LOT sizes, such as wishing to order 300 units of a product typically sold in 200-unit LOTS or desiring 750 units for a custom-designed peshtemal usually offered in 500-unit LOTS, are encouraged to contact us directly for a tailored quote.

Regarding payment:

  • Customers are required to pay the product cost as the first installment. The shipping cost can then be paid as the second installment once the product is ready to leave the factory.
  • To avoid the additional costs associated with international SWIFT transfers twice, we can obtain and provide a freight quote from international express couriers like UPS and DHL. It's important to note, however, that these quotes typically have a short validity period and may need adjustment based on the actual shipping date. Should the courier revise their initial quote at the time of shipping, we will update our customers with the new shipping cost.

This pricing and payment structure is designed to provide flexibility while ensuring that our customers can manage their costs effectively, with options available for different order sizes and shipping preferences.


FAQ 12. How do you handle delivery and shipping?

Answer: All prices (except sample manufacturing production) are EXW, and we work with international carriers like DHL and UPS. The cost of shipping and insurance is indicated separately to the buyer. Customs duties or additional obligations requested by the buyer's country are the responsibility of the buyer.


FAQ 13. Can I cancel my order?

Answer: Orders for in-stock products can be canceled before they leave the warehouse for shipping, subject to certain conditions. Custom orders or orders that have been personalized cannot be canceled once production has begun.


FAQ 14. Can I track my shipped order?

Answer: Yes, once your order is shipped, we will provide you with the bill of lading number (aka Waybill or Tracking ID) created by the carrier. You can use this information to track your shipment on the carrier's website and stay updated on the delivery status.

FAQ 15. What is your policy on non-conforming goods?

Answer: The buyer has the right to reject non-conforming goods if the non-conformity impairs the value of the goods by more than 10% of the contract price. Notification of any lack of conformity must be made within 5 days from the date of delivery.

These FAQs aim to address common inquiries based on the International Sales Contract for Towel Age. For more detailed information or specific questions, please refer to the full contract or contact Towel Age directly.