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3pcs/LOT or 6 pcs/LOT Custom Design SAMPLE Manufacturing

3pcs/LOT or 6 pcs/LOT Custom Design SAMPLE Manufacturing

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Cotton / Bamboo / Viscon / Linen

Weaving Dimensions

100 x 180 cm (39.37 x 70.87 inches) (Can be manufactured in different lengths optionally)

Dimensions after prewash (estimated)

~90 x ~170 cm ( ~35.43 x ~66.93 inches)

Unit Weight

300 g. (~ 10.58 oz)
320 g. (~ 11.29 oz)
335 g. (~ 11.29 oz)
345 g. (~ 12.17 oz)
355 g. (~ 12.52 oz)
375 g. (~ 11.82 oz)
385 g. (~ 13.58 oz)
400 g. (~ 14.11 oz)

Dear valued business partners,

 If you want custom design production, you can request sample production before mass production. The sample production price includes the preparation of the CAM design of your pattern, the production of the sample Turkish Towels (peshtemals), and the shipping fee.

Please order 1 sample for each pattern design.

For example;
If you want 3 samples for 1 pattern, add to the cart 3x.
If you want 6 samples for 1 pattern, add to the cart 6x.
If you want 3 samples for your 2 different or variant designs, add 2 units of 3x samples to the basket.
If you want 3 pieces of one of your 2 different designs and 6 pieces of the other, add to the cart 1 unit of 3x and one unit of 6x.

In other words, each sample order includes 1 CAM file preparation service. If you place a bulk production order for the same pattern, $25 will be credited to your account as the CAM file preparation fee you paid for the sample.

Since you are going to order a custom design product, if you have a product with non-standard features or a request, please contact us before making the payment. We can give you a special price quote on your request.

Request a quote now:

You can use the CONTACT FORM of our site to request a quote, or you can inquire it by sending us an email.

Shipping & Returns

Care Instructions

* Gentle or normal cycle using cold or warm water.
* Avoid fabric softeners
* Air dry or gentle tumble machine dry

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