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200pcs/LOT Blaundus Turkish Towel Peshtemal (270g) - Wholesale Price

200pcs/LOT Blaundus Turkish Towel Peshtemal (270g) - Wholesale Price

Precio habitual $1,076.00 USD
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100% Cotton

Dimensiones de tejido

100 x 180 cm (39.37 x 70.87 inches)

Dimensiones después del prelavado (estimado)

~90 x ~170 cm ( ~35.43 x ~66.93 inches)

Unidad de peso

~ 270 gr. (~ 9.52 oz)


  • Wholesale Price 200pcs/LOT. If you want to have manufactured in different quantities, please request a price quote.
  • The price is the ex-factory price (EXW). Shipment is not included.
  • Dimensions (unwashed): 100 x 180 cm (39.37 x 70.87 inches)
  • Dimensions after pre-wash (estimated): ~90 x ~170 cm ( ~35.43 x ~66.93 inches)
  • Weight: ~ 270 gr. (~ 9.52 oz)
  • 100% Turkish cotton
  • Pre-wash option available for softness  (Please click to read the blog about Prewashing)
  • Perfect for travel, as they fold up very small, dry quickly, and have multiple uses
  • Please be advised that due to the unique crafting process of each peshtemal, there may be slight variations in size and weight from the stated dimensions and weights.
  • Our products are made from OEKO-TEX certified yarns and do not contain any substances harmful to health.
  • Made in Turkey

1) In order to start the manufacturing of the products you ordered, you need to transfer the price of the products to one of our bank accounts below. This price is only the production cost of the products. So the first payment is for the EXW price of the products.

2) Manufacturing time (deadline) may vary between 2 weeks and 6 weeks depending on the workload of the looms. Do not hesitate to call us for information.

3) When the manufacturing of the products is completed, you need to also submit the freight charge so that the shipment can be made.
According to your preference, we will submit to your approval the price offer we will receive from the relevant companies for shipment by express cargo, by air cargo, by ship, or by railway.


Blaundus Turkish Towel, Peshtamal is of the same quality as Aphrodisias Sultan peshtemal. Soft, comfortable, and durable, this is also a must-have product for any Turkish Towel brand and store.

We recommend that every brand that sells beach towels has Blaundus Turkish Towel / Peshtemal models made of 100% cotton in their inventory.


If you want to order a reproduction, you can choose different colors from our color chart to make color combinations.


We can embroider your brand or the name of your city, beach, state, or country on these Turkish towels. Thus, it also has a commemorative value for your customers who buy your beach towels.

The price must be determined specifically according to the size of the pattern you want to embroider, the number of colors to be used, and the number of stitches.


If you want your brand label to be sewn on your products, please consider purchasing branding services as well. If standard branding services do not appeal to you, please do not hesitate to contact us for your custom branding product requests. 


We use Pantone color coding, which is an international standard, as the color variation code of our products. Because for us, for example, blue is not just blue, green is not just green. We use 28 shades of blue and green to manufacture our products.

You can refer to our Color Chart page to better understand the colors of the products you plan to buy. You can also access our Color Chart page from the footer menu of the website.


Why did we name our product after this antique city? There are many historical artifacts belonging to the Paleolithic Age, Polished Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Antiquity, Middle Ages, New Age, and Modern Age periods that can be seen throughout Turkey.

Turkey is home to many ancient cities. Because the "Turkish Towel" has become a world-famous product, by naming our products with the names of Turkey's historical values, we want to promote making these historical monuments known to many people.

Blaundus ancient city located in Usak, Turkey

Blaundus is an ancient city founded during the Macedonian Kingdom it was a Roman episcopal city in Asia Minor, presently Anatolia (Asian Turkey), and is now a Latin Catholic titular bishopric. The ancient city was in the Roman province of Lydia. Its ruins are at Sülümenli (formerly Süleimanli), near Ulubey (formerly Göbek) in Uşak Province of modern Turkey.

The ancient city, founded by the Macedonians in 334 BC, is in the Lydian region, close to the Phrygian border. The settlement, which was a military city during the Pergamon Kingdom period, maintained its strategic importance in the Roman and Byzantine periods.

The city was built on a peninsula surrounded by deep and steep valleys on three sides, on a flat headland. The entrance gate was made of two large towers, and the towers were demolished up to the arched superstructure of the entrance. There are rock tombs in the necropolis area in the north of the city and in the valley in the east. There are 14 arches in the city, only one of which has survived. (Source: Wikipedia)

Instrucciones de cuidado

* Gentle or normal cycle using cold or warm water.
* Avoid fabric softeners
* Air dry or gentle tumble machine dry

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