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500pcs/LOT Custom Design MASS Manufacturing - Wholesale Price

500pcs/LOT Custom Design MASS Manufacturing - Wholesale Price

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Our prices are quoted in EXW (Ex Works) terms, which means the product price does not include shipping fees. These fees are to be paid separately and must be settled before the products are dispatched from the factory.
Customers wishing to pay for shipping fees together with the product price can contact us to inquire about this option.


Cotton / Bamboo / Viscon / Linen

Weaving Dimensions

100 x 180 cm (39.37 x 70.87 inches) (Can be manufactured in different lengths optionally)

Dimensions after prewash (estimated)

~90 x ~170 cm ( ~35.43 x ~66.93 inches)

Unit Weight

300 g. (~ 10.58 oz)
320 g. (~ 11.29 oz)
335 g. (~ 11.29 oz)
345 g. (~ 12.17 oz)
355 g. (~ 12.52 oz)
375 g. (~ 11.82 oz)
385 g. (~ 13.58 oz)
400 g. (~ 14.11 oz)


  • Custom design mass manufacturing Wholesale Price for MOQ 500pcs/LOT. If you want to have manufactured in different quantities, please request a price quote.

  • The price is the ex-factory price (EXW). Shipment is not included.

  • Dimensions (unwashed): 100 x 180 cm (39.37 x 70.87 inches)
  • Dimensions after pre-wash (estimated) :~90 x ~170 cm ( ~35.43 x ~66.93 inches)
  • Weight: Please specify your expectation if applicable (grams per unit or gram per square meter - GSM OR grams per piece)

    In the table below, you can examine the sizes and weights of jacquard woven Turkish Towels.

  • Material: Please specify your preferred material. (We use 100% cotton yarn by default)
  • Warp Color: (Please specify whether you prefer natural (ivory) or white as the warp color. Since special warp beam wrapping will be required for you, if your order quantity is more than 5000 pieces, you can choose one of the 66 warp colors in our Color Chart. If it is more than 10K, you can request dyeing in a Pantone color other than our color chart.)
  • Weft Color(s): (Please give priority to choosing one of the 67 colors in the Color Chart on our site. If you request colors other than the color chart, we will need to do special dyeing, so the MOQ is 10K+ units. In that case please provide the PANTONE code of your preferred colors.)
  • Please provide your Custom Design file if applicable (PDF, PSD, EPS, JPG, PNG, AI, SVG)  
  • Please provide Vector or high-density image/logo file(s) if applicaple (PDF, PSD, EPS, JPG, PNG, AI, SVG).
  • Deadline (if applicable): Depending on what month of the year you order and the volume of work in the production queue, the production process can take 2 to 8 weeks, or sometimes even longer, after the customer's production approval. If there is a special deadline that you want the production to catch up with, please specify. Otherwise, you do not need to specify a deadline. We will let you know when we can ship the products to you according to our production queue.
  • You can have custom design beach towels / Turkish Towels / peshtemals produced with your own logo and colors.
  • While Hotels, Beaches, pools, spa centers, saunas, and massage parlors have Turkish Towels with different colors or designs to serve their customers; they can have in different colors and/or patterns to sell to their customers.
  • You can have custom patterns manufactured for your brand that your competitors cannot imitate.
  • Perfect for travel, as they fold up very small, dry quickly, and have multiple uses


Custom Design Manufacturing Process:

* When we receive your request, we will give you our price quote. If you request sample production, we will charge you to pay for sample production. If you request direct manufacturing, we will require payment for the products to be manufactured.

Then we will prepare the design file (CAD) and submit it for your approval. 
After you approve the CAD file, we will manufacture it.

* We will do the pre-washing and ironing of the products.

* If you want your brand label to be sewn on, we will sew your brand label on the product.

* If you have labels made of paper, we will add these labels to the product.

* We will put your products in individual polyester bags or, upon your request, we can ship them in bulk in big bags.

* If a separate barcode label is required for sale on Amazon or a similar platform, we will attach barcode labels on individual polyester bags. (Please share this information when asking for a quote. If you request this service later, you will be charged separately.)

* After the production, washing, ironing, labeling, and packaging process is completed, we will carry out the export process.

Please make sure the design is yours and you own the copyrights of the pattern, images, and/or logos to be used. Responsibility in this regard lies entirely with the customer. When you want us to produce peshtemals or other textile materials with the logo of a hotel, an automobile company or a municipality, etc. we assume that you have an agreement with the relevant institution that owns the relevant logo and/or image. Our company does not accept responsibility for any copyright disputes that may occur during or after the production, export, or import to your country.


    We can embroider your brand or the name of your city, beach, state, country, etc. on these Turkish towels. Thus, it also has a commemorative value for your customers who buy your beach towels.


    If you want your brand label to be sewn on your products, please consider purchasing branding services as well. If standard branding services do not appeal to you, please do not hesitate to contact us for your custom branding product requests. 

    Request a quote now:

    You can use the CONTACT FORM of our site to request a quote, or you can request it by sending us an email.

    Shipping & Returns

    Care Instructions

    * Gentle or normal cycle using cold or warm water.
    * Avoid fabric softeners
    * Air dry or gentle tumble machine dry

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